Use Padlet and Do Not Fret


I made this on! It is a brief overview of a trip I took in 2011 showcases what cities I visited.

Padlet is great because it is very versatile. I had my doubts at first but then I started thinking about times in internship that I could have used this. It is great for moving pictures around – for example if you wanted to do a demo with your class about sorting objects into certain categories you could do that without printing images off. Students can also use it to create posters instead of creating something they will throw out after.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 22.24.07 (2) Here you can see in our seminar it is being explained that you could use it in a science class to categorize animals into their different kingdoms. You could organize them in many ways! They could be organized by colour, size, or where they live.




Screenshot 2014-04-18 20.08.58 (2) I also like that you can save your work in a large variety of formats!!


Art with a Modern Twist

Grade 8 Art Project:

Art with a Modern Twist

Take a classic piece of art and create a grid in dark marker on the original paper. Use the grid technique to help students the image on their own paper. Students will LIGHTLY draw a grid on their own white paper. The small (less cm) the grid the more detail students can focus on. Students take an element of the art and change it to something modern. Students are not supposed to change the colors of the picture, just to add a change/twist.

Image Image




My name is Kylie Biggs and I am excited to be taking another step forward in becoming a teacher. I am originally from Saskatoon but I have also lived in Vancouver, Kananaskis, Melfort, and Regina. I am proud to be in the University of Regina Education program because we have many opportunities to learn, experience, and grow in the field we are working towards. I have done a lot of traveling and have been given opportunities to experience many different cultures. My experiences range from volunteering with tribes both in and outside of a school setting in Panama and being in an EAL classroom once a week for ten weeks. As a future teacher I am striving for inclusive education. While I was a student I participated on the dance team, student representative council, and in the school musical. I am excited to become involved in extra-curricular activities as a volunteer.

I have selected middle years education because I am interested in building upon the foundations of basic concepts children have learned in their younger years. I am light hearted, easy going, understanding, and well-humoured. I find these qualities to be valued and appreciated in teachers and will be an asset for myself and future students. In addition, I have received my first aid, food safe, and CPR certificates.

Kylie Biggs

Sir Ken Robinson is an amazing presenter. He really captures his audience. He make things relevant; uses his own stories, success stories and stories you can identify with; rhetorical questions; and comedy that relates to his topic. He manages to tie everything together and creates solid conclusions. I would definitely say I would like to perfect my presenting craft to be similar to him.

We are getting our children through education by anaesthetising them (shut off their senses); we should be waking them up to what is inside of themselves!

Education system is organized by ringing bells, Separate facilities, separate subjects, educating children by age. Kids have different levels of competency at different subjects, perhaps study better at nights than day, or learn better in smaller groups or individually. We are doing standardization, while we should go the opposite direction. We need to move away from trying to make students learn a certain way and change ourselves as educators. Children do not change – you cannot change your students. Teacher need to change the way they are teaching to be able to meet students needs.

I wrote a great blog and it got erased, this was my attempt at remembering what I wrote.