New Resources!!!

As a new teacher I am always wondering about finding new resources!!!!

From an ECMP355 online seminar I have been able to add some to my tool kit!!!

Image  Here you can create amazing videos with a very easy formatting for you and students. It is similar to iMovie An insane version of paint is how I like to this of this one, it has elements of photoshop but it is free! Lets you create wonderful and beautiful charts easily for free! Helps you to create infographics, share and get results in 3 easy steps, but no design experience required. you can create music for all the things in your life, for free! I find it to be similar to GarageBand Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more for free! between creation and entertainment, Incredibox invite
you to become the conductor of a group of human beatbox related to pinterest but aimed for teachers and students. Very cool! Worth checking out. Can be great for 3 way conferences.