substitute teacher

Journey into the world of subbing

I have official started my teaching career!
I am subbing in rural communities and have been enjoying my time in different classrooms.
I have taught everything from kindergarten to grade twelve.
I have always been set on grades 8-10 but I have enjoyed my time in grade 5-7 while subbing.
Subbing in Kindergarten to grade 4 has been a great experience and I have come across challenges I never faced in internships or university. The problem I faced the most near the beginning was realizing where they are academically. I started off teaching K-3 believe they had the knowledge of a senior elementary school student. This may seem ridiculous but I have a middle years education degree and occasionally forget what level students will generally be at. I was reading about the tropical rain forest with three grade four students and was shocked they didn’t know basic geography or the difference between a city, province, country, or continent. This was a great learning experience for all four of us. I had a great discussion with the students and reminded myself of the knowledge an average child below the age of 9 has. In reflection of this day I remember starting to learning about Canadian geography in grade 5 and 6. It is great to have high expectations for students but I need to remind myself the early learning are not at the level as middle years students I have been used to.