Pre-Internship #1

Fort Qu’Appelle – The Rural Teaching Experience

This was an amazing experience that my peers and I will never forget. It was specific to the middle years program at The UofR.

We stayed at a camp for 2 weeks (going home on the weekend) and went to our designated schools everyday

We were in pairs for this internship

IMG_0434My partner was Laura Shepherd and we were assigned to grade 8 at Burt Fox High School. There was a group A and B of grade 8 students. The first week we were group A and the next we were with group B. We switched groups because they had different subjects in their semesters and we wanted to experience all subjects.







IMG_0449 Waking up at camp and off to our respective school all within 30min away

IMG_0529 Burt Fox had a therapy dog! I love dogs so this really excited me. He came in the morning with a teacher and went home with the same teacher at the end of each day.





IMG_0553We were in a high school so we got to work with many teachers. This was me teaching a health class.






These are images I used for a University Art Project we were assigned to do after our internship.

IMG_0439 IMG_0447 IMG_0437 IMG_0451 IMG_0481

After School:

IMG_4679 (2) IMG_4677

IMG_0468 IMG_4574 IMG_0475

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