About me

My name is Kylie Biggs:

  • I am currently a substitute teacher
  • I am passionate about teaching social justice.
  • My favourite subjects to teach are biology, history/social studies, and English.
  • Over my internship I think I learned the most about teaching Physical Education – it’s the one class you can learn all about in university but when you get out to teaching actual students it is very different. Although it was fun pretending our fellow classmates were students.
  • I started this site for my ECMP355 class and am hoping to keep up with it even though the class ended in April 2014
  • I love to Travel and learn about different cultures! Outside of Canadian and American destinations I have been to: France, England, Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Cuba, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland,  Estonia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Peru.
  • A motto of mine is I will try anything 3 times. I think if you don’t like something the first time you should give it two more chances.
  • I am definitely a city girl but I love the outdoors and adventures

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  1. Hi! Nice to meet you! I loooove Paris. I adored the city when I was there — though it was raining the majority of the time. I still loved it. I want to go to Greece someday. Which place did you like out of everything? I’m a cat girl myself, though.

    Ahh Miss Frizzle, classic. I’m not a Science major myself but I loved the Magic School Bus! So good and classic.

    Green, hey? What colour of green? I love lime green, myself. I always thought I would have a pink grad dress but I ended up with a lime green one!

    1. My favourite places were Prague and Amsterdam.
      I love sea foam green, and Kelly green.
      My grade dress was purple and blue, I designed my grad dress myself and am really proud of it but I have not tried it on in seven years – unsure if it would fit! But hopefully it does and I can wear it again – maybe for convocation?!
      Thanks for Responding!

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