My Journey to Peru πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ

I volunteer taught in Peru through a program called Maximo Nivel. Before I arrived I had received no information on the level, age, or setting I would be placed in. My friends and I brought down three hockey bags full of medical and educational supplies. Β The students loved the rubber ball and soccer ball I brought. At my orientation I was told I would be placed at an after school program where I would be with three different groups of students. I was also informed that my location was a dangerous area where families lived in poverty. The school was helped built by a construction program through Maximo Nivel. I was surprised they had 5 computer when I arrived. However, the computers were not in my area for my lessons. I had a table and whiteboard for my lessons. I stretched my abilities to not use technology in my lessons because I didn’t want to rely on technology that could potentially not work each day. The internet was very unreliable throughout Peru. I worked with one 14 year old boy for the first hour. I helped him with his English homework he had from school. This was the most enjoyable time for me, I really felt in my element. He was the most advance in English out of all the students I got to work with. My next two groups of students were at the very beginning stages of learning English. These students challenged me in areas I never got to explore during my two EAL practicum placements in university. I was able to learn a lot through this experience. I learned way more from my the challenges that arised than my lessons that went perfectly as planned.

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