Month: January 2015


I find the more life experiences teachers have the more they have to offer and share.

I subbed in a French immersion school and found that my elementary, and university French education helped a lot. I mean, of course it did! But something I have realized is the more life experience I gain the more I have to share with students.

I am glad that you need a language course to complete the UofR education program. There are so many EAL students in our classrooms and it’s a great experience to learn another language. It helps you understand their struggles, it helps you teach them English, and it reveals components of their culture.image

My first EAL teaching experience abroad.



Journey into the world of subbing

I have official started my teaching career!
I am subbing in rural communities and have been enjoying my time in different classrooms.
I have taught everything from kindergarten to grade twelve.
I have always been set on grades 8-10 but I have enjoyed my time in grade 5-7 while subbing.
Subbing in Kindergarten to grade 4 has been a great experience and I have come across challenges I never faced in internships or university. The problem I faced the most near the beginning was realizing where they are academically. I started off teaching K-3 believe they had the knowledge of a senior elementary school student. This may seem ridiculous but I have a middle years education degree and occasionally forget what level students will generally be at. I was reading about the tropical rain forest with three grade four students and was shocked they didn’t know basic geography or the difference between a city, province, country, or continent. This was a great learning experience for all four of us. I had a great discussion with the students and reminded myself of the knowledge an average child below the age of 9 has. In reflection of this day I remember starting to learning about Canadian geography in grade 5 and 6. It is great to have high expectations for students but I need to remind myself the early learning are not at the level as middle years students I have been used to.