Use Padlet and Do Not Fret


I made this on! It is a brief overview of a trip I took in 2011 showcases what cities I visited.

Padlet is great because it is very versatile. I had my doubts at first but then I started thinking about times in internship that I could have used this. It is great for moving pictures around – for example if you wanted to do a demo with your class about sorting objects into certain categories you could do that without printing images off. Students can also use it to create posters instead of creating something they will throw out after.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 22.24.07 (2) Here you can see in our seminar it is being explained that you could use it in a science class to categorize animals into their different kingdoms. You could organize them in many ways! They could be organized by colour, size, or where they live.




Screenshot 2014-04-18 20.08.58 (2) I also like that you can save your work in a large variety of formats!!

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