Google Search

Have you ever googled your name for fun? Just to see see what would come up? Well I have done this quite a bit before. Today I did it for my ECMP355 class. At first I just google my name my ‘teacher’ facebook page came up. Other than that nothing about the real Kylie Biggs came up.

Screenshot 2014-02-12 16.42.20

I then decided to look my name up with different cities I have lived in. A few different things came up from these searches. It was a rather nostalgic experience. These are the different things that came up:

1. My name with my the school and year I graduated high school from along with about 15 other classmates names

2. Two photographs of me in high school. One of these photos was surprising to see because it was taken by a friend I have not talked to in many years.

3. A note I wrote to my deceased friend’s family in grade 11 that I wrote at his funeral. This one came as a big shock to me.

4. My blog (this blog!)

5. My students art I have posted on my blog came up under the image search

I created an page as suggested by Sue Waters. I googled my named after making my page but it did not come up on the google search.

Did anyone else see if their page or any other recently created bio pages came up on there google search?


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