“Body Break”

Maintaining good health is very important in any profession. You need to be an example for your students and years down the road you need to be able to keep up with your students. Nutrition is part of he curriculum! So I felt like I needed to take a page out of my internship lesson plans and start eating healthier and exercising more. Soon I will be making a SMART goal for my university kinesiology class. I am not sure exactly what it will entail but I will make another post on my progress once I put it into place.

When you are feeling healthy you are better able to function and lately I have been feeling tired all day. I got sick last week and felt I needed to be able to do my best while in school and work, but that wouldn’t happen unless I made changes. I learned from a professor I had last year that you need to find a work-life balance and I have taken it to heart. Teaching may be my career and something I love, but I also need to be with family, friends, and myself.

This week I bought a blender and plan on making healthy smoothies/shakes. My main smoothie ingredients will be: almonds, plain Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, bananas, peanut butter, almond beverage, protein(whey), kale, spinach. I also hope to try some green smoothies with all green ingredients such as cucumber, mint, broccoli, etc

Here is my first smoothie I made tonight



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  1. I agree one hundred percent with this post! As a teacher we need to make sure that if we are telling students they need to take care of themselves we need to do the same thing. Modelling what we are teaching is the best tool we can use!

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