Technology Survey

Testing out how a google survey works compared to the previous poll I tried that I created on wordpress via poll daddy.



  1. Kylie,
    As Sue Waters suggested during her “Blog Like A Boss” lecture, you may want to consider resizing your Google Form, in order for its viewers to be able to see your whole form without having to scroll it.
    Do or will you use cellphones in your classroom? Why or why not?

    1. I did change the number down to 500, but I got mixed up and realized I am suppose to make the number larger. Thanks for the advice though!

      I think for the use of cellphones depends on the classroom. If I was at a wealthier school I would use them but of course there are school where students would not have cellphones. I am sure there would be a student in every classroom that wouldn’t have one. I am in middle years education and in our university classes we have been shown some great ways to incorporate cellphones into our classes but there are also lots of dangers such as bullying with camera phones. I am not against cellphones in the classroom but there definitely would have to be rules in place. During my internship I let student use their phones for listening to music during independent work times and if there were not enough laptops available I let them use their phones to research. Which is nice because they don’t have a copy past option so it actually worked out well.

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