Month: January 2014

Follow Friday

Here are a list of some recent Twitters, Blogs, etc that I have began to follow

Dan Spencer@runfardvs  from Grass Lake, Michigan

Educational Technology Consultant for the Jackson County Intermediate School District. Science teacher and cross country/track coach at heart.

/r/Teachers –

A fellow student teach of mine (Laura) loves reddit and I got this idea straight from her!” This subreddit makes use of a form of social media that I’m already a part of and will hopefully give me another place to seek help and help others too.”

Teachers Pay Teachers-

Lots of Teachers sharing and helping fellow teachers.  The resources and time saving aspect of this website is unbelievable. There are a variety of lesson plans and templates. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can create it and add it to the website.

 George Couros @gcouros

I have had the pleasure of seeing George present a few times and each time it is awesome.

Alec Couros – @courosaAnother great Couros!!!! I have also seen him present a few times and he is great at what he does! He is a professor at the University of Regina but I have never had him as a professor.

The Teacher Page

This twitter page is a compilation of different teacher resources that are tweeted out.


Other Twitters I follow:

Shane Koyczan

Spoken word artist

IXL Learning

IXL Learning strives to advance education through transformative web-based technologies.

Teacher ToolKit

Award winning Assistant Headteacher #100Ideas Author  @SLTchat & #5MinPlan  Writer

Show My Homework

Show My Homework is the UK’s No. 1 tool for teachers to track and monitor homework. Used by teachers from all over the world. BETT Award Winner 2014!

Discovery Education

Supporting teachers by bringing the world of Discovery into classrooms to ignite students’ natural curiosity.


How to Blog Like a Boss

My Education Computer Class (ECMP355) had an online session with Susan Waters. She talked to our class about how to become a master at blogging! I found this session to be helpful as a new blogger and I will share some things I have learned and change about my blog.

I now know about categories and tags. Categories is like the index in a book and general. Tags are the like what in the back of a book and specific.

I learned how to adjust the size of my poll that was powered by Google drive. You just need to change the numbers in the embedded code.

I currently have the tagline “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. -Bill Gates” Sue said that your tagline should be what the blog is about so I am debating changing my tagline.

I have also began to link items and know how to do so properly. I have Susan’s name and Google Drive link on this post. Before I would have probably just typed the website in but now I know how to make it so you just click on the words and it will take you to the website.

The Use of Google

Michael Wacker gave a great presentation on google in my ECMP355 online class. I have used “home and office apps” such as Google docs, drive, calender, and slides.

My favorite part of using these with students is:

1. Documents automatically save!! No more, “oh no, I forgot to save it!”. There is no save button. I found out from Michael that you can actually go back and find previous revisions – so if it accidentally saves and you want a former version you can find it!

2. You can access your documents anywhere with internet! No need for lost, broke, stolen, forgotten Usb sticks.

3. There is layered permission! You can choose who can view, edit, and/or comment on your documents.

4. Saves on paper and having to carry papers around for marking. Students will also have a record of there work and comments from the teacher that they can’t loose so they can reflect back on it.

5.You can have a multiple layered calender that can be shared with others. You can have a personal calender that no one else can see and have a calender for every classroom, family, organizations, and friend group that you have

6. You can upload your itunes – this was news from me when I heard this from Micheal

7. Google is not just docs its apps! I found this out in my last couple of weeks of my internship so I have not had a chance to play around with them too much but I always tell people to play around with technology and that’s the best way you will learn. For somethings a manual is definitely needed but I like to play around and explore with technology

Fun fact I learned: “Google” was originally called “BackRub”