Being a student in education, I have come to hear this word often. I have come to know it to mean the way you think/want to teach. It is the art or craft of teaching. I believe it to be a cross between beliefs, values and style. Everyone is different so pedagogy differs from every individual. My pedagogy is constantly changing because I am growing as a student teacher. My pedagogy may not stop changing until I retire because I will have different groups of students with different needs so I may need to tweak my pedagogy to meet there needs.


P..P..P……Pedagogy! At first it triggers the thought of children or feet. Feet because foot in French is Pied and then I think of pediatrics which is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of children (the ward my mom used to work in).


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  1. Yes and Yes…good thinking with you here…we are always changing part of our teacher identity. If we quit growing…then we lose that magic in the classroom spaces that sustains us.

    i love the image…keep it rolling.

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